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Pinyin Studio is a branding and advertising agency delivering high-quality design to a diverse portfolio of global clients. Our cross-border team creates visual identities, illustrations and layouts, effectively translating our clients’ brand identities into impactful and award-winning designs. As part of the PBB Creative family, Pinyin Studio optimizes technological tools and channels to bring you closer to your users. Pinyin Studio gives you a platform for expressing your brand beliefs. At th

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an international style of design applied to Chinese sensibilities. We also work with outward-facing Chinese clients, providing world-class design tailored to their needs. Under the creative direction of PBB Creative , Pinyin Studio collaborates with our two sister agencies B.Dgtal  and Silver Salt to effectively cover branding & advertising, digital marketing and photography. Our perspective is founded on the idea that the creative spectrum is too wide for any single agency to deliver truly wor

B.Dgtal | Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency in Beijing

Style and substance, form and function. B.dgtal weaves for you a digital narrative that is consistent and engaging. Your customers' needs inform our design of interactive digital works and the engaging content that accompanies them. The result is your brand identity being understood by and resonating with your core audience. Our team of full-stack developers gives you an array of customized services responding to your needs. Demonstrating a mastery of CMS platforms such as Wordpress & Drupal, B

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B.dgtal combines creativity and utility allowing us to create lasting value for our clients digitally. Our wide range of services make us a one-stop shop for design, coding, SEO and social media. A member of PBB Creative, our international know-how blended with local knowledge allow us to cooperate with a wide range of clients from around the world. Style and substance, form and function. B.dgtal weaves for you a digital narrative that is consistent and engaging. Your customers' needs inform ou

How to Leverage New Retail

Although the past two years have not been kind to brick-and-mortar establishments worldwide, retail has taken on a life of its own in China through the merging of online and offline approaches. The rise of e-commerce has resulted in “New Retail” which has led to higher national consumption rates. Coined by Jack Ma in 2016, New Retail defines the trend of merging online and offline channels to foster a seamless customer journey. New Retail is forcing brands to get creative with their business mod

Work of the Week: H Queen's Ad Campaign for Grand Launch and Art Basel

H Queen’s is designed to be at the center of Hong Kong’s rich art and lifestyle scene. The development houses exhibition spaces to promote the arts and expand the audience for art. Given this honorable mandate, it’s only right that the building is nestled cozily in one of Hong Kong’s highest foot traffic corridors at Queen’s Road Central. As the only art-centric building in the city, H Queen’s houses avant-garde spaces that bring together a diverse showcase of art galleries, dining and retail ve

‘This is Evian’ or ‘This is Wes Anderson ’: PBB’s Verdict on Evian Campaign

Evian is widely regarded as a premium brand, not only for its fresh mineral water offering, but also its collaborations with Diane von Fürstenburg, Alexander Wang, amongst others in the design of their limited edition bottles. The French brand is also known for some pretty awesome ad campaigns, notably the ‘Live Young’ campaign winning Time Magazine’s 2010 Advertisement of the Year and the ‘Baby & Me’ campaign topping the YouTube ad leaderboard in 2013. There have since been several iterations o

When Being a Full-Service Agency Isn't Enough

A recent post of ours highlights why PBB Creative is account-driven and why our specialized agencies are creative-driven and how the two approaches complement each other. Nowadays though, being a full-service creative agency simply isn’t enough as clients are shifting away from this model in an effort for more meaningful interactions with their audience. While featuring in-house agencies spanning branding, graphic design, digital, photography and video, we collaborate openly with external firms

Account or Creative-driven: Our Philosophy

In the advertising world, much has been made of the effectiveness of account-driven agencies versus creative-driven agencies. At account-driven agencies, priority is placed on strategic thinking, and all advertising is assessed strictly through the lens of the clients’ business goals. Creative agencies place more emphasis on pushing the envelope with disruptive concepts that get people talking. PBB Creative’s origins lie in a 2015 merger between Pinyin Studio and BranEverest, two agencies offeri

Did Disney Commit Design Theft on Star Wars Movie Posters?

Disney has been accused by French artist Hachim Bahous of stealing artwork he designed for album covers, using it for upcoming feature film Solo: A Star Wars story. The posters have a distinct vintage pop-art style with uncannily similar font, layout and similar color schemes as album covers that Bahous did for Sony back in 2015. Posting on Facebook, Bahous said” I am flattered that the quality of my work is recognized, but it is still pure and simple forgery, I have not been asked for my permi

2018 Pyeongchang Olympics: Soft Power Losers

With country image being closely linked to economic and strategic advantage, nations are developing creative brand strategies to promote positive country image. Events like the recent Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang offer a rare and global platform for countries to gain  competitive advantage, not only to attract tourism, but also foreign direct investment and world class talent. As no country really covered themselves in glory this time around, we exclusively focus on the soft power losers

Why Your Brand Should Pick a Chinese Name

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet famously asked, “What’s in a name?” An appropriate response reflecting local attitudes would be the old Chinese saying, “It is far better to have an ugly face than to be given a wrong name”. To say that there is power in names is an understatement in China where Chinese characters often carry a deep significance. A name in Chinese culture presents a permanent or at least a hard to shake identity. Think of it as your reputation preceding you in nomenclature terms.

Simple logos are more functional and more impactful

The logos below have gone through very few changes since their creation. Why is that? Because the simplicity of their shapes and concepts gives them iconic status. Because, through the rigor of their design, they blend impact and versatility while also conveying a feeling of quality to the consumer. Because excessive modernizations based on trends and fads constitute a rejection of a brand and of its history. A simple logo is easy to recognize, understand and is incredibly memorable. It is w

5 Trends in Chinese Marketing Trends to Follow in 2018

We have spent the beginning of the new year discussing amongst ourselves some of the marketing trends to watch out for in China. We’ve also had a look at what our industry peers have to say. Below is a non-exhaustive list of trends you should get familiar with to give your brand an edge. Every brand wants to be big in China and the competitive atmosphere means that consumers simply don’t trust brands. Engaging a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) as a brand ambassador is a popular hack that gives you ins

PBB's verdict on the Guardian's redesign and rebranding

The Guardian newspaper has received a makeover to its online and print editions with a new website design and a shift from Berliner to the smaller tabloid format. The redesign includes the launch of a new masthead, font and a color-coded navigation system. The move to the smaller tabloid system is a cost-cutting measure to save millions on printing systems. Readability is at the heart of the redesign with new headline fonts and color scheme. These new elements coupled with a new layout and incr

IPR4F&B: Intellectual property protection in China’s food and beverage industry

China’s vast F&B market is hugely attractive to foreign exporters. However, before they consider dipping their toes in the water they must ensure their IP is fully protected. The China IPR SME Helpdesk explains that failure to do so can result a brand’s reputation being ruined. In 2011, China surpassed the US as the world’s largest consumer market for the food and beverage (F&B) industry. Chinese demand for imported F&B products, fuelled by food safety concerns involving domestically produced.